Archived News Articles by Labour Party members

Labour Party thanks Spelthorne Conservatives
for honouring local Labour Party activists.

Two of Spelthorne’s labour Party officers Harold Trace and Dr Pamela Osborn have been awarded “The Margaret Thatcher Award for Outstanding Political Contributions to the Conservative Party."

We appreciate the acknowledgement given to Harold just before his 90th birthday; probably for the sound advice given to local Tories over a number of years in his articles. And also the gratitude shown to Dr Pamela Osborn for encouraging the councillors to sing the National Anthem before each council meeting.

As we weren’t at the event, Cllr Davis received the award on our behalf. This was an appropriate choice as Colin Davis is a revered member of the Conservative Party and a true example of a Spelthorne Tory councillor. Not forgetting the work he has done in his own Staines ward. If one walks along the pedestrian precinct from the waterless drinking fountain (Erected by the Tories to commemorate 100 years of commerce), to the Old Town Hall, recently occupied by squatters, it is hard not to think of him and his fellow council members.

However we must decline the generous offer of a beautiful framed photograph of Lady Thatcher, for fear of not being able to keep it in a safe enough place.

Please do not be offended we appreciate the thought