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Conservative support for Heathrow Expansion now totally unacceptable 9/7/19

In the light of Heathrow’s latest shocking expansion plans, Spelthorne Labour Group has insisted the ruling Tory councils in Spelthorne and Surrey, must think again and review its position on airport expansion.
Cllr Sue Doran, Labour Leader on Spelthorne Council said the group would like to see the Spelthorne Conservatives unreservedly supporting all their residents of all ages, in a renewed fight to protect all aspects of their health and lives from the impact caused by the proposed expansion of Heathrow and the infrastructure required to support expansion.
‘This is no longer just about a third runway,’ said Cllr Doran, ‘it’s about enormous on-going disruption to our whole community for at least thirty years.’
Last week Heathrow Airport presented its new consultation and explanation of the impact on the local area. Labour says it is imperative that Conservative councillors stand up for local people and not just big business as every part of Spelthorne will be adversely affected.
‘Heathrow themselves, admit we can expect airport construction work to be going on 24 hours a day, seven days a week,’ noted Cllr Jenny Vinson (Staines South) – this will generate a very large increase in the number of lorries in the Staines area and across Spelthorne.’
The report says this will impact on the whole borough, with air quality being affected by ‘dust and vehicle emission.’
‘This is an environmental disaster developing before our eyes,’ argued Cllr Veena Siva (Staines) affecting all aspects of our physical and mental health. ‘As a mother, I’m especially worried about the impact on my young daughter’s health and other children in the borough.’
A newly elected councillor, Veena added, ‘I am utterly staggered that the Tory Spelthorne Borough Council is supporting the third runway despite the litany of adverse effects on Spelthorne including the environment, noise pollution, physical and cognitive wellbeing and lack of compensation for the residents to name but a few!!”
Cllr John Doran (Stanwell North) said, ‘There are two primary schools and a children’s centre within a few hundred yards of the southern runway as it is.’
‘Under Heathrow’s plans the perimeter road becomes a six lane ‘motorway’ and the village gets a 24,000 space car park on its border as well.’
Labour claims Spelthorne is getting all the negatives and no compensation for years of misery, traffic jams and negative impacts.
‘It’s unacceptable for Heathrow to say Stanwell and Stanwell Moor do not qualify for compensation from Heathrow. It just doesn’t make sense,’ complained Surrey County Councillor Robert Evans (Stanwell and Stanwell Moor). ‘None of Spelthorne has been included in the Wider Property Offer Zone (WPOZ) and yet this area is going to take the full brunt of the expansion with huge traffic, noise and health impacts for years to come.’
‘Labour is standing up for local people, families, children and older people as they face a major challenge and potential catastrophe.’
‘We are today, calling on the Conservatives to join us and fight these dangerous proposals; plans which will have a devastating effect on Stanwell, Stanwell Moor and the whole of the borough for generations to come,’ demanded Robert Evans.
Heathrow’s latest publication ‘Expansion and your area, Stanwell and Stanwell Moor’ was published recently and is available at This consultation is running from 18 June to 13 September 2019

Local people are encouraged to have their say on a future Heathrow by responding to the consultation.
For further information contact:
Cllr Robert Evans (Surrey CC - Stanwell and Stanwell Moor) 07785 290546
Cllr Sue Doran (Spelthorne - Stanwell North) 01784 255470
Cllr Jenny Vinson (Spelthorne - Staines South) 07736 316154
Cllr Veena Siva (Spelthorne - Staines) 077806 25989
cllr John Doran (Spelthorne - Stanwell North) 01784 255470

Labour Party thanks Spelthorne Conservatives
for honouring local Labour Party activists.

Two of Spelthorne’s labour Party officers Harold Trace and Dr Pamela Osborn have been awarded “The Margaret Thatcher Award for Outstanding Political Contributions to the Conservative Party."

We appreciate the acknowledgement given to Harold just before his 90th birthday; probably for the sound advice given to local Tories over a number of years in his articles. And also the gratitude shown to Dr Pamela Osborn for encouraging the councillors to sing the National Anthem before each council meeting.

As we weren’t at the event, Cllr Davis received the award on our behalf. This was an appropriate choice as Colin Davis is a revered member of the Conservative Party and a true example of a Spelthorne Tory councillor. Not forgetting the work he has done in his own Staines ward. If one walks along the pedestrian precinct from the waterless drinking fountain (Erected by the Tories to commemorate 100 years of commerce), to the Old Town Hall, recently occupied by squatters, it is hard not to think of him and his fellow council members.

However we must decline the generous offer of a beautiful framed photograph of Lady Thatcher, for fear of not being able to keep it in a safe enough place.

Please do not be offended we appreciate the thought