British workers are “among
the worst idlers in the world,”

This was a claim written in a book produced
by five Tory MPs, four of them members
of Boris Johnson’s cabinet, These include
Priti Patel, Elizabeth Truss, Dominic Raab,
and Spelthorne’s MP Kwasi Kwarteng.

The five MPs are co-authors and contributors to a book, Britannia Unchained. In it they go on to say, The UK "rewards laziness", does not encourage risk-taking and must strive to emulate the work ethic and low-tax culture in parts of Asia. Too many people in Britain prefer a lie-in to hard work."

It is unlikely that any of them have done work,
where over the course of time the body wears out, or faced with psychical danger, with repetitive low paid insecure employment, or have been stuck on a motorway trying to meet a delivery deadline!
A hard Brexit is just what these MPs want, as they are firm believers in global capitalism. They have little interest in our nation, only bringing the living standard down to the level of parts of Asia!

Boris, “die in a ditch” Johnson’s
"oven ready" half baked plans for Brexit!

The Australian points system
The points system (in Australia) has been used over the decades to increase migration, above the level that would otherwise be achieved.
The (25-32 being the highest-scoring group), educational qualifications, language proficiency, work experience and occupation. Unlike the current UK system for non-EEA applicants, it is not dependent on the person already having a job offer and, hence, is not reliant on a minimum salary threshold.

In summarising one could say, "it won’t cut migration," it could also be a disincentive to train and educate our own people.
Another downside is, if its then applied to us by other nations, only the young, highly educated, skilled, and rich might be able to settle in those other countries. At present we can all live in any of the 27 EU countries as equal citizens.

Free ports or freeloaders?
Free ports can also just encourage firms and investment to move into the free port where they pay no tax, away from other parts of the country where they do pay tax.
However, the supporters of a Teesside free port believe they can prove that it will make more money than it costs.
Even if that is true, a Teesside free port is not necessarily a good idea. It would be far more effective to cut tariffs for the whole country rather than abolish them for one small corner.
After all, this is what has happened in Shannon - free port status was not really necessary after Ireland joined the EU and slashed business taxes, and the breaks were whittled away until they finally disappeared in 2016.

Join the WTO

Boris Johnson talks about, “fantastic deals” with the WTO (World Trade Organisation).
As members of the EU we already have a deal with the WTO which protects us from inferior
products .and commercial abuses.
Donald Trump has his eye on our NHS, although Boris says, “its not on the table,” but is it under the table? Is that why Boris plans to modernise some hospital to get a better deal!

This idea that we could sell more by leaving the EU doesn’t make sense. Germany’s biggest trading partner is a WTO member; China!. We could sell more if we made the right products, or are we too obsessed with financial services, which brings little benefit to the majority, but extreme wealth to the few!

Have some of
the no deal
Brexiteers been
inflicted with

Cognitive dissonance?

During Referendum, we were told that leaving the EU would be a simple matter that would take only weeks, three years have passed and we are on our third Prime minister and still haven't left. In spite of the warnings of the dire consequences of a hard Brexit some are determined to leave with no deal!

Already with the pound devalued against the dollar and euro, food and other items have become more expensive, some products have disappeared from the shelves, including prescription drugs. The experts have concluded that any deal will not be as good as to remain within the EU.

Operation Yellow Hammer which gave a damning report of a no deal Brexit, described as a “base case scenario,” which was later changed to a “reasonable worse case scenario.”

The IFS (Institute for Fiscal Studies), think tank said borrowing was likely to rise to £100bn and total debt would soar to 90% of national income. "The government is now adrift without any effective fiscal anchor," said IFS director Paul Johnson.
Boris Johnson and fellow Brexiteers call it all, “Project fear.”

In 1954 a brilliant young psychologist noticed a headline in a newspaper:

Prophecy from planet Clarion call to city:
Flee that flood. It’ll swamp us on Dec 21st,
outer space tells suburbanite.

The psychologist Leon Festinger realised this was a chance to investigate a question that had been puzzling him for years. What happens when people experience a severe crisis in their convictions. What happens when the great flood doesn't materialize?

Festinger decides to infiltrate the sect, which comprised of twelve members.
On December 20, Mrs Martin the one receiving the messages, was beamed another message from above: “At midnight you shall be put into parked cars and be taken to a place where you shall be put aboard a porch (flying saucer).”

At 12: a.m. nothing happens. 12: 10 a.m. Message from aliens; “The flying saucers are delayed. 4: 45 a.m.” Mrs Martin gets another message: “God has decided to spare the Earth, because the believers have spread so much light.” 4:50 a.m. One final message from above; The aliens want the good news to be released immediately to the news papers. Armed with this new mission, the believers informed all the local news papers and radio stations.

Festinger opens his account; “A man with conviction is a hard man to change. Tell him you disagree and he turns away. Show him facts or figures and he questions your sources. Appeal to logic and he fails to see your point.” The phenomenon Festinger describes it, as one that none of us is immune to: “Cognitive dissonance.”

Boris Johnson and his cabinet are not the sufferers, they with their global capitalists friends are the messengers. With the aid of the tabloids, they have split the nation, with their divide and rule strategy. If we leave with a no deal Brexit and the consequences are as bad as predicted, they will blame the EU, the voters, and other political parties, leaving ordinary people with a legacy of patriotism, prejudice and poverty, while he and his friends enjoy more privilege, power and prosperity!

We all have differing views on Brexit, but few would want an
un-scrutinised un-impact accessed Boris Johnson deal!
BJ at JCB 27/4/19
Boris Johnson, “Brexiteer extraordinaire” and Tory leadership contender made a major televised speech at the headquarters of the JCB Empire at Rochester.
In Boris’s patriotic speech, standing behind a JCB logo, he praised the company which was founded in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford, after whom it is named. Albeit he was paid £10,000 by JCB to make the speech!
He went on to say how this fine “British” engineering company exports its machines to 150 countries around the world.
Later in his speech he said, “Nothing and no one will stop their spread.” He called on politicians to “emulate the spirit of JCB”.
At the conclusion, it would be easy to believe that with a fine flagship company such as JCB, we could take on the world, with no fear about joining WTO. Even if it meant having to eat chlorinated chicken, hormone pumped battery beef, GM food products and a massive carbon footprint!
On later investigation, not dwelling on the fact that the founder became a tax exile by moving to Switzerland (source Wikipedia). But the big disappointment was that JCB has 18 factories in the UK, Germany, North and South America, Australia, India, China, and the CIS. The company employs some 12,000 people on four continents. Surely this means that most of the machinery is not manufactured here. This limits our opportunity to export outside the UK. But worse than that JCB is not even British owned, it is only a subsidiary. Its parent company is Transmissions and Engineering Services Netherlands. (source Wikipedia).

In the light of this Boris, your speech doesn’t seem very impressive!


112 parliamentary constituencies which voted ’leave’ in the 2016 Referendum now have changed to ‘remain.’
The July 2018 Commons findings are now ‘341’ remain ‘291’ – a parliamentary 50 majority.
In terms of individual voters, as a percentage, in 2016, the Referendum was a close 52; 48% majority of 4%.
From that division, the July 2018 intention is 57 to 43% ‘remain’ a massive swing.
There seems little point in ‘Brexit’ negotiations stifling all other urgent topics.
England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales all back ‘remain. Thus the ‘United Kingdom’ remains united, and Ireland at peace.
Now climate change, lag in life expectancy due to ‘austerity,’ Railway nationalisation, homelessness and ‘poverty in work’ can receive M.P.s’ attention.

(‘Observer’ Newspaper, Analytics Company Focaldata, You Gov poll of 150,000 people).

Said - and - done -
Jacob - Rees - Mogg

One of the leading Brexiteers

“We must stand up to Russia, dangerous
Rouge state”
Told his 125,000 twitter followers, March 12th 2018.
But this contender for the Tory party leadership does well out of personal investments in Russia, “The banished Land.”
He owns fund manager Somerset Capital, (He’s MP for Somerset North East.) with ‘earnings’ topping up his M.Ps pay.
Its major holding? It’s in Sherbang, Russia’s biggest bank, on international sanctions since 2014.. This oddity is not unlawful.
That’ll keep Putin awake at night!
Vauxhall – Ominous Brexit intensions
The French owners have announced that production will continue at the the Luton plant unless the terms of the Brexit deal are too severe.
The statement is welcome but, feebly reported in the media, Vauxhall are cutting 650 jobs in its
Ellesmere Port, Merseyside plant, and are not ruling out closing it, on grounds of ‘remoteness to Europe’ when Brexit day arrives.
The intent is devastating for Merseyside – car production is the region’s economic mainstay.
But it is also an ominous sign that similar cost-cutting, downward investment in regional cities will follow Brexit.
EU Partners – ‘Welcome Back, UK'
France, Germany, Portugal and Italy have noted with relief and delight the big swing in favour of ‘remain’ over ‘leave’ in latest public opinion. (55% remain over 41% leave)
They extend us a welcome back with open arms, not with a snarling slammed door.
Labour and public opinion, does not favour a second referendum.
Parliament is the forum for the big decision, when in due course Therese May sets out the frightening EU Brexit cost.


Brexit consequences cover-up
The government sought expert advice on 57 sectors of the economy of the consequences of leaving the E.U. The devastating conclusions for this country’s future are now concluded.

But, beyond belief, despite the freedom of information act, despite pledges of open government, the Tory minister for Brexit, backed by the Priminister refuses to publish documents.

Seema Malhortra, Labour M.P. for Feltham and Heston has submitted a formal request for them to be put to the people.
“This information must be an important part of the process of determining the terms opf our leaving the E.U.”
Let the people decide, having studied the evidence of non-partisan experts!


Donald Trump has persuaded Liam Fox, Tory International Trade Secretary to have sub-standard food dumped on this country.
Fox boasts that the humiliating agreement will cut the cost of our food imports of chicken, beef and GM products ‘significantly.’ But the immediate result will be the ruination of our standards-observing farmers by undercutting them.
The EU warns the effects on public health would be devastating.
The ‘production’ methods which Trump offers are cruel in the extreem.
Chickens are pumped full of hormones, forced fed in endless dark overcrowding. After painful slaughter, their corpses are soaked in chlorine – a banned treatment in the E.U.
We know all about cattle mistreatment with hormone pumped battery beef quick profit all-important. Cattle should not be fed other mammals entrails.
‘Mad cow disease’ jumps species. It will return.
As for G.M. crops – the health jury is still in session.
If this ‘Eat dirt cheap’ policy is to follow Brexit, our N.H.S. burden will become intolerable.


This Referendum came about because the Conservatives started to blame the EU for their failings. As things got worse the more they piled on the blame. This was then exploited by the right wing press, UKIP and their own Eurosceptic MPs.
Eventually the Cameron government and the Liberal Democrats decided to include in their election manifesto a referendum on whether we stay in or leave the European Union. This probably helped them to win the last General Election with a small majority. Labour rightly considered it, an irresponsible thing to do, and as a result lost the election.
In the past few weeks nearly all the top economists,Heads of Industry,Heads of State, Head of the Bank of England, even Church of England Bishops have warned of the dire consequences if we were to leave. This has forced the Brexit camp to accuse them of
incompetence, ignorance and dishonesty.

The Brexiteers are now concentrating on immigration, phoney patriotism and colonial nostalgia.
When Nigel Farage was asked on television whether his party is to the left or right
he became tongue tied. This is because the Brexitiers are mainly split into two groups with
opposing views.

The first group is the Tory right who believe that too much social protection for ordinary people has come in via EU directives. It is also their view that we should favour
Commonwealth countries even though they don’t offer any preferential concessions to us, and buy more from most other EU countries. One such person is our own Eurosceptic MP Kwasi Kwarteng who allegedly said, “Working Britons are the worst idlers in the world.” He is also one of a group of Tory MP’s who have called for young people’s unemployment benefits to be turned into repayable loans. Their aim is to expedite "The race to the bottom” so we can compete on equal terms with China, Brazil and India.
The second group is ordinary working people who have seen their standard of living decline through high rents and job insecurity; many dependant on food banks to survive. They have every right to be disgruntled, people from within the EU, and even more from outside are taking many of the good jobs. But the fault lies in our failure to train and educate enough of our own to take up these jobs.

Around 100,000 applicants a year applied for 20,000 nurse training places. Because it costs the NHS £70,000 to train a nurse for 3 years, they recruited 6000 from overseas last year. And for the same amount 3 qualified foreigners can be hired. We are failing our own people by not investing enough in them and it has nothing to do with EU regulations!

Our people are also discriminated against by agencies who only advertise UK jobs in other EU countries, and other parts of the world. We could stop this if we chose to do so!
People have been duped into believing by Eurosceptic MPs that by leaving the EU, immigration would be cut, better paid jobs would be available, and the money saved by leaving will benefit them.
This couldn’t be further from the truth. The worst thing that could possibly happen is to leave the EU under this right wing heartless Tory government, and our economy suffering, as the majority of credible experts believe. We could lose 3 million jobs and the money paid out in extra unemployment benefits would eat up the £350 million per week we pay in, with nothing to show for it. If we end up in recession, one of the few promises Cameron made and is likely to keep, is to remove the triple lock from state pensions.