Could this be
our flag if the
Scots Exbrit?

If we have a hard Brexit, or should it take up to ten years, this might convince Scotland to seek independence from the UK. If Scotland were to leave the UK, would our flags have to change and also the name Union Jack? Perhaps it could become the “Lesser Jack” or the “Alright Jack” if we were to eventually benefit from Brexit.

It’s interesting to observe the number of pre and post Brexit metaphors and slogans that have been created, to confuse and divide the electorate into political groups. “The squeezed middle” “The working poor” “Metropolitan elite” “Jams” and “The patriotic working class.”

“The squeezed middle” was used by Labour to try to win back a group of people who voted Lib Dem, because they promised to cut tuition fees, but when they joined the Tory coalition they voted to increase the

“The working poor” was a phrase used by Cameron to create a division between them and the unemployed poor.

The term “Metropolitan elite” was used as a smear by Euro-sceptics to describe people living in London and the surrounding areas who voted to remain within the EU.

“Jams” which means; “Just about managing.” This is a more recent one used by the Tories and is meant to cover a whole swathe of the population, part of “We’re all in it together” scam, e.g. Just about managing on benefits; to pay the rent; to pay the mortgage; to have an annual holiday; to pay the dental bill; to pay school fees, etc.

Last but not least, “The patriotic working class.”
This is UKIP desperately trying to create a new political group after Brexit by adding the word patriotic to a group of working people. The word class is a misnomer, as in the same context would be middle and upper, then the true description would be “The patriotic lower class.” The problem is, that this not only divides people of different occupational backgrounds, but erroneously implies that some are less patriotic and others are of lower status.

This Referendum came about because the Conservatives started to blame the EU for their failings. As things got worse the more they piled on the blame. This was then exploited by the right wing press, UKIP and their own Eurosceptic MPs.
Eventually the Cameron government and the Liberal Democrats decided to include in their election manifesto a referendum on whether we stay in or leave the European Union. This probably helped them to win the last General Election with a small majority. Labour rightly considered it, an irresponsible thing to do, and as a result lost the election.
In the past few weeks nearly all the top economists,Heads of Industry,Heads of State, Head of the Bank of England, even Church of England Bishops have warned of the dire consequences if we were to leave. This has forced the Brexit camp to accuse them of
incompetence, ignorance and dishonesty.

The Brexiteers are now concentrating on immigration, phoney patriotism and colonial nostalgia.
When Nigel Farage was asked on television whether his party is to the left or right
he became tongue tied. This is because the Brexits are mainly split into two groups with
opposing views.

The first group are the Tory right who believe that too much social protection for ordinary people has come in via EU directives. It is also their view that we should favour
Commonwealth countries even though they don’t offer any preferential concessions to us, and buy more from most other EU countries. One such person is our own Eurosceptic MP Kwasi Kwarteng who allegedly said, “Working Britons are the worst idlers in the world.” He is also one of a group of Tory MP’s who have called for young people’s unemployment benefits to be turned into repayable loans. Their aim is to expedite "The race to the bottom” so we can compete on equal terms with China, Brazil and India.
The second group are ordinary working people who have seen their standard of living decline through high rents and job insecurity; many dependant on food banks to survive. They have every right to be disgruntled, people from within the EU, and even more from outside are taking many of the good jobs. But the fault lies in our failure to train and educate enough of our own to take up these jobs.

Around 100,000 applicants a year applied for 20,000 nurse training places. Because it costs the NHS £70,000 to train a nurse for 3 years, they recruited 6000 from overseas last year. And for the same amount 3 qualified foreigners can be hired. We are failing our own people by not investing enough in them and it has nothing to do with EU regulations!

Our people are also discriminated against by agencies who only advertise UK jobs in other EU countries, and other parts of the world. We could stop this if we chose to do so!
People have been duped into believing by Eurosceptic MPs that by leaving the EU, immigration would be cut, better paid jobs would be available, and the money saved by leaving will benefit them.
This couldn’t be further from the truth. The worst thing that could possibly happen is to leave the EU under this right wing heartless Tory government, and our economy suffering, as the majority of credible experts believe. We could lose 3 million jobs and the money paid out in extra unemployment benefits would eat up the £350 million per week we pay in, with nothing to show for it. If we end up in recession, one of the few promises Cameron made and is likely to keep, is to remove the triple lock from state pensions.