20% of Spelthorne is already under water!


By the the Tories own admission on their web site 20% of Spelthorne is under water.  For many years Spelthorne has been supplying gravel and water to London and the surrounding areas. At present Brett Aggregates have permission to remove the breakwater baffle at Queen Mary reservoir. The baffle was left in to stop the wind sweeping across the water and creating large waves that would damage the walls of the reservoir. This concerns us and we shall be writing to the council.


Brett Aggregates latest application is to excavate gravel from Home Farm. A meeting was held on 12th December at the Council Offices,Knowle Green. The gallery was full of protesters and the Councillors were forced to tell Surrey that Spelthorne objects to the Manor Farm proposal. It will now go before Surrey County Council in February.


We can't afford to have more good agricultural land dug up so a few can profit at the expense of the many.

These companies seem to have little regard for the public and make vast profits with which to buy up more land to turn into large water filled holes. They should be stopped!

All of Spelthorne's County Councillors must vote against Bretts proposal.


Dredging up £500k windfall.

Plans have been drawn up to dredge a greenbelt site for 3.5m tonnes of gravel which could land Spelthorne Council a windfall of up to £500,000.

 The King George V1 and Staines reservoirs which are designated Special Protection Areas, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Ramsar sites because of their wildfowl interest, contain tonnes of recoverable sharp sand and gravel.

 Bids have been put out to tender with industrial company Bretts willing to give the council an annual sum of money towards community projects that could total £500.000 by the end of the contract, The Staines Guardian has learned.

This is in addition to an application set for approval at Spelthorne's planning committee on Wednesday May 27 2008.

If passed, a breakwater baffle at Queen Mary would be removed to allow the dredging of the underlying sand and gravel and the creation of a processing plant on land west of the reservoir.


Staines Guardian May 29 2008 

If you wish to campaign against gravel excavation  contact CLAG2 by going to their website:  www.no2gravel.com