Spelthorne Labour Party members campaigning in Staines, against further NHS cuts
St Peter's Hospital leads A&E waiting list
Patients attending A&E at St Peter's are most likely to wait at least 12 hours in Surrey. In 11 months 3,185 visits run by Ashford and St Peter's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - had a wait of over 12 Hours.

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Labour founded the NHS: at the inception of the NHS in 1948 every Tory MP voted against its introduction.

In the 2010 election campaign David Cameron said the NHS would be safe in his hands; since then the Tories have put private profit before patient care and left A&E departments facing the worst crisis since records began. Their plans will reduce public spending even further to levels not seen since the 1930s, before there was an NHS!

Our NHS should always be there when you need it most.

Labour will secure the future of the Health Service with 20,000 more nurses and 8,000 extra GPs. You can stop the Tories from privatising more of the NHS by voting in a Labour government.
Labour Cllr Robert Evans brought a motion before Surrey County Council asking that they become a ‘Living Wage County’ and that Surrey offers a minimum of £8.80 per hour to its employees, and insists that any company doing work for the County does the same. a supported by David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

The motion was of course defeated!

This same County Council who generously rewarded  themselves; while using zero hours contracts for over 6000 employees!

Surrey County Council’s  Tory run cabinet, all over the age of 50 and more than half listed as company directors, were defiant in justifying their massive pay increases. 

The County Councils leader Cllr  Hodge, Conservative, when asked what role do you think a local resident should play in determining the chief officer’s pay? Replied: 
“The role they have is through the ballot box.”

What Surrey’s Tory  County Council cabinet members claim in allowances and expenses:

David McNulty      Chief Executive    £210.000
David Hodge        Council Leader    £175.547
Peter Martin         Deputy Leader     £153.237
Michael Gosling   Cabinet                £133.873
Mary Angell          Cabinet                £126.601
Helyn Clack          Cabinet                £117.102
Denise Le Gal      Cabinet                £116.801
John Furey           Cabinet                £92.940
Mel Few                Cabinet                £89.554
Linda Kemeny      Cabinet                £68.304

A statement by the Conservative group following the increase read: “In order to attract a wide  range of people with diverse backgrounds it is vital that the remuneration is at an appropriate level.” This argument is erroneous when the average  wage for full time work is about £23,000 per annum — and the Tory cabinet are from a narrow group of over 50s with high earning backgrounds.

Also, by  their actions; this  Euro-sceptic, Tory run County Council is denying some hard working British workers job opportunities, by not paying a decent living wage.

It was revealed in 2011 that Surrey County Council’s pension deficit was in the figure of £750m of which the councils share was £390m. Peter Webb of Surrey Tax Action Group  said STAG wanted ‘meaningful dialogue’ with council members.

He then said:  “We believe SCC  is in a state of denial and simply don’t understand just how disappointed the electorate is.” He went on to mention, mismanaged road maintenance contracts and other poor services, coupled with costly staff appointments.

The reason for bringing this subject up is because the deficit could take 20 years to be cleared. We therefore think, it would be more appropriate for the cabinet to cut their allowances by 50% instead of awarding increases!

This of course would not clear the deficit — but the £600,000 per annum saved, could help towards flood relief which is badly under funded, or prevent the future sale of fire stations and other  public buildings, park land and school playing fields, to which Spelthorne is the most vulnerable!
The only real solution is to vote them out at the next opportunity:
“Through the ballot box”