Has the threat gone away?


Prior to last  Borough Council elections, 

it was proposed by Spelthorne Borough Council  to introduce parking charges on all of our high streets. The reason given was because of a £500.000 loss in parking revenue across the county. But because of public opposition and  a forth coming borough elections, it was decided to drop the idea at the last moment. 

Our fear is that after the County Council elections in May their plan will be implemented. The large number of bollards on our high streets installed at high cost, is probably phase 1 of their strategy. 

On street parking charges would deter people from high street shopping and could cause the closure of some of the independent shops struggling  through a drop in trade, plus the cost of high rates and rental charges. 


Are we the one of meanest boroughs?

The picture in the top right hand corner is one of many situated around our borough car parks. They all read the same. Parking charges from 7 am - 7 pm  Monday to Sunday including Bank Holidays. We haven't found another local borough that has a 12 hour period of charging or charges for Sunday parking.

We would not charge for Sunday parking in some of the smaller car parks, in particular those close to churches where people attend services. Christians and none Christians alike attend many kinds of church service; such as baptisms, memorial services and christenings.

It has  been brought to our notice that £70.00 fines have been imposed on people  arriving back  a few minutes late. The council should not profit from adding to someones grief or spoiling their joyful moments.