Spelthorne councillors
alone kow-tow to Fleeing
car park crooks

Harold trace pictured right. WW2 veteran and Labour Party member was a victim of an Ashford Car Park Scam, but he refused to pay the penalty.
Threatened with hefty fines and bailiffs, he held his ground and challenged the company to take him to court. They eventually backed down. Harold won!
As for the Tory councillors if complicit, voted out of office with assessment for further legal action.
Spelthorne Labour Party pursues residents’ demands to run such crooks out of town and to jail.
The villains operate in syndicates throughout the country, but only Spelthorne kow-tows to them.
Under fierce pressure from Labour the crooked gang running Ashford car park have fled the scene rather than follow through their County Court threat. But they are thereby avoiding Labour’s charges of conspiracy, extortion, and theft by deception, fraud, and persistent malicious intimidation by letter, to say nothing of the breaches of Magna Carta and the common law. And with Spelthorne’s councillors refusing them compensation or even an apology – they are loaded down with conned residents’ hard earned money. They have got away if not with murder, with serious criminality and allegedly one suicide

Recent Reactions to Car Park syndicate are revealing:

(1) Spelthorne Borough Council
‘It is not a responsibility of the council to oversee private parking.’ (Head of Corporate Governance, letter 1st June 2018)

(2) Royal Free Hospital London (dodgy machine scam 25th May 2018)
‘Parking Eye’ Britain’s biggest racketeer, £25 million from charges per year, verses Bob Hawkes, £100 despite having paid, Bob won with costs, ‘Royal Free’ defeated Parking Eye in court.

(3) Parliamentary private members bill demanding statutory Regulation
Spelthorne’s Tory MP refuses to promise his vote – he takes council’s ‘None of my business’ line, in effect supporting ‘enterprising crooks feeding off residents.

‘Smart Parking’ Aldershot v N.H.S. Property Services.
This gang (‘the lowest of the low’ – local Labour councillor) preys on the most vulnerable and disabled attending Aldershot Health Centre.
Given notice to quit, patients to design new parking system.

(4)‘Smart Parking’ again, Henley, Townslands Memorial Hospital (NHS Property Services)
Credit – Henley’s Tory MP demands to have the crooks sacked for ‘appalling behaviour! Not all Tories are shameless!